A lot of times after a major event like the Boston Marathon bombings, pictures and stories start flooding the internet that are faked.  Snopes.com comes in handy to keep from spreading that stuff, but not everyone knows about it.  Isn't that something that everyone should know?  What other things should everyone know how to do?

Conspiracy Theories

I didn't ever really use Snopes until I started working here, but now, I use it a couple of times a day at least because one of my sisters loves to post stuff on Facebook that is clearly a hoax.  When I asked her why she doesn't snopes that stuff before she posts, she asked what snopes was!  I know, huh?!

So, I think a Snopes class should have to be taken by everyone who knows how to use the internet...  What class would you have everyone in the world take so we could all be on the same page?  Mike hates it when people talk on their cell phones in movie theaters, so his would be a 'How Not To Annoy The Crap Out Of Your Fellow Movie-Goers' class.

Your turn!  Tell us what class you would have everyone take!


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