The Hotel Paso del Norte will once again open its doors later this year and when they do, it will do so with an air filtration system that can kill the COVID-19 virus.  Marriott Autograph Hotels went ahead and took advantage of being in the renovation process when the pandemic hit to install HVAC mounted ionizers that will reduce bacteria by 99%.

It’s important to note that this system has been tested in numerous high-risk environments such as hotels housing medical staff.  The system installed at the Hotel Paso del Norte will cycle through an ionization process every 10 minutes in order to keep the air qualify as safe as possible for guests and staff members.

The hotel isn’t stopping at the air filtration system when it comes to safety measures either.  Among the numerous health protocols put in place, they have created a position solely dedicated to safety related efforts, sanitation stations have been placed throughout the building, and signs have been installed on the floor to encourage and assist with social distancing.  This is on top of the plexiglass barriers at the front desk and the issuing of personal protective equipment to employees.

It’s a new and different world with a great emphasis on safety.  Here’s hoping that this system proves itself to be effective in reducing the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak at the hotel.  I’m sure other organizations will be keeping a close eye on how this pans out as they decide whether to invest in a similar system.

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