WATCH JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE GETS PUNKED BY BRAZILIAN TV HOST: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE just did an interview on Brazilian TV that had to be one of the most awkward interviews he's ever done.

The woman who interviewed him was Sabrina Sato, and according to Wikipedia is a reporter known for playing tricks and doing stunts on the comedy program Pânico na TV. Although she speaks English, Sato pretended she barely spoke the language and proceeded to ask some weird questions -- many of which left JT confused and at times uncomfortable. Like at the end of the interview when she gives him an autographed rubber cast of her butt!

LIAM HEMSWORTH'S NEW GIRL WON'T TALK ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP: LIAM HEMSWORTH'S alleged new girlfriend, Eiza Gonzalez, attended a press conference for a Spanish-language animated movie she does one of the voices in, and the only thing reporters wanted to know about was what the deal was with Liam.


Eiza told reporters, quote, "I have nothing to say about that subject" and tried to keep things focused on the movie, but they weren't going for that, choosing instead to keep asking questions like "Are you in love?" and "What would you say to MILEY CYRUS?" Her managers finally just ended the interview.

Speaking of Miley ... You know how Liam reportedly insisted  she keep her engagement ring? Well, word is Miley "hasn't decided" whether or not she even wants to keep it! And this piece of serious bling is a hand-cut vintage diamond from the 1890s, weighing in at 3.5 karats and reportedly worth over $100,000!!!  (PHOTO)

What would you do if you and your fiance broke up before the wedding – give the ring back or keep it? What if he'd given you a family heirloom?

CHARLIE SHEEN DENIES DOING COKE WITH ZAC EFRON: There are a bunch of stories about ZAC EFRON'S drug problems floating around the Internet, but one of them is absolutely "ridiculous." At least according to CHARLIE SHEEN. Radar Online reported that Zac often partied with Charlie at his house and that they probably did a lot of coke together. But Sheen tells rival gossip site TMZ the story is bogus.


Charlie is also angry that Radar Online claims he's on a cocaine binge himself. He says, "Consider the fact that I have completed 54 episodes of "Anger Management" in a little more than a year...something that would ordinarily take more than three years to accomplish."

On a related Efron note ... It's looking like Zac's alleged cocaine addiction was much bigger than we thought. TMZ says the High-As-a-Kite School Musical star went to rehab not once but twice this year.

Sources tell the gossip blog Efron has been doing cocaine for more than two years, and was also into Molly, a form of ecstasy. He reportedly tried rehab back in March, receiving intensive outpatient care for several weeks. But in April, while filming the SETH ROGAN movie "Neighbors," he supposedly fell off the wagon and returned to out-patient rehab. Word is he's clean and sober now, and dreamier than ever.

HIGHEST EARNING CELEB COUPLES: Forbes magazine has named the highest earning celebrity couples and the top 3 earners aren't surprising -- what they pull in per year might shock you, though. Seriously, what do they do with all that dough?!

1. JAY Z and BEYONCE. The duo pulled in $95 million between June 2012 and June 2013. Blue Ivy must have pacifiers made of solid gold!

2. Not far behind are the supermodel and super athlete couple TOM BRADY and GISELE BUNDCHEN.  Off the field and runway, they earned a combined $80 million between June 2012 and June 2013!

3. ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT round out the Top 3 list of super-rich celebs. They earned a combined $50 million on movie money alone.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN SHOWS US HER (POIGNANT) TWEETS: KHLOE KARDASHIAN has been putting on a brave face as of late, America. We've been unaware of just how brave so she recently posted this photo to let us know. It's a picture of a girl wearing a mask with the quote ...


Khloe has been estranged from her husband LAMAR ODOM while he deals with an alleged drug addiction. She has not spoken publicly about her marital troubles, instead choosing to gain validation or vindication through thinly veild online posts.

TODAY IN CELEBRITY DIVA BEHAVIOR - KANYE WEST WHINES ABOUT CRUMPLED CARPET: By now we’ve come to expect odd celebrity dressing room demands, but I don’t recall ever reading or hearing about a celeb insisting the carpet be ironed! According to London’s Daily Star, BBC staff was floored Tuesday night when KANYE WEST made a series of demands, including having the carpet in his dressing room ironed, prior to his performance on the Later with Jools Holland show.

During rehearsal, West supposedly insisted the studio set be completely dismantled and rebuilt to his exact specifications, then asked that everything in his dressing room be replaced in the color white, including the walls, sofa and flowers. Then he made the wacky demand that the carpet be smoothed out with an iron because it was too bumpy for his liking.

SNOOKI DISHES ABOUT HER BREASTS: "My boobs are disgusting,” proclaims SNOOKI on today’s (Friday’s) episode of "Bethenny". Snooks adds that she loves being a mom, but she’s not loving the affect it’s had on her boobies.


“My boobs are hanging, my boobs got so big... They just sag and it's like skin, so I am thinking of getting a boob job maybe… I want to feel confident with my boobies and [right now] I don't."