Eva and Tony

THE EVA LONGORIA CHEATING SCANDAL: TONY PARKER spoke to reporters Wednesday night before his San Antonio Spurs took on the Chicago Bulls. He said he and Eva were going through a "difficult time right now" and that's pretty much all he would say about the allegations that he was SEXTING with a former teammate's wife. When pressed for details, Textin' Tony said, quote, "Everything else is our private life."

However, he did add, quote, "I'm getting great support from teammates and coaches. Right now, I just want to concentrate 100% on winning basketball games with the Spurs."

He was a little more candid with People magazine ... Parker told the magazine he wasn't surprised when Eva filed for divorce. "Eva and I have been discussing our situation privately. I was aware that she would be filing for divorce in Los Angeles."

Apparently when Eva and Tony met, she was in a relationship and he was engaged! So it looks like this isn't the first chick he's cheated on. Here is Tony with his ex-fiance ...
Once a cheater always a cheater? Should Eva have seen this coming? Discuss.

About those texts ... gossip website CelebBuzz is also claiming sources who say they were not romantic. “The Barrys have been close friends with Longoria and Parker for some time,” the report states.

“The Barrys are currently in the midst of a divorce and, our source adds, Parker and Erin’s texts involved the two leaning on each other as their respective marriages went through troubles.”

What will EVA do about her TONY PARKER-related tattoos now that the marriage is over? ...

Eva has THREE tattoos she'll probably want to put the laser to. She has the word "Nine" on the back of her neck, because that's Tony's jersey number.
On the inside of her right wrist, she has her wedding date, July 7th, 2007, written in Roman numerals. And then she's got Tony's initials . . . somewhere. All we know about their location is that it's a NAUGHTY PLACE.

As of this morning ... Eva has yet to change her Twitter account's Parker-related background ...
Eva must be cringing about this ... A year ago, she and her husband took part in a goof of the 'Grease' classic 'Summer Nights' to promote the Spurs. And guess who she gets to play Rizzo to her Sandy??? Yup! The alleged other woman!!

JESSICA'S MAN AIN'T NO GOLD DIGGER: Everybody's talking about how former NFL player ERIC JOHNSON is using JESSICA SIMPSON as his meal ticket. But it turns out he has his own money.

Gossip site sources say Eric comes from a really wealthy family in Massachusetts, and that he's an only child. "He doesn't have to worry about money. He's not Jessica Simpson-rich, but he's well-off." I'm buying it. Sure, it would be nice to get a hold of Jessica's money.

But remember, there's another reason a guy would date Jessica Simpson: She's certified SEXUAL NAPALM!
Speaking of Jessica ... according to 'US Weekly', a source close to VANESSA MINNILLO says she was, "pretty shocked when she heard Jessica had gotten engaged. She was like 'wow, she couldn't even let us have our moment for a week?"

SNAPSHOTS: KENDRA and 11 month old Hank Jr. at LAX yesterday ...
LINDSAY got another day pass and heads off to dinner in Palm Springs ...
NICOLE with 3 year old Sunday Rose in NYC yesterday ...
MAD MEL MAYHEM: The custody battle between MEL GIBSON and his Russian baby mamma, Oksana , is about to get nastier. Mel reportedly plans to seek sole custody of their daughther, Lucia. After Oksana trashed him on Larry King, Mel's lawyers plan to argue that her public comments about the actor suggest she's only interested in damaging his reputation. A hearing has been set for Monday.

COVER SHOT: TAYLOR SWIFT, close your eyes! Because it turns out the Devil wears nada!!!JAKE GYLLENHAAL and ANNE HATHAWAY, who co-star in 'Love and Other Drugs', appear on the cover of Entertainment Weekly ... seemingly nekkid!

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