WTW!!!??? AN EVA LONGORIA CHEATING SCANDAL???!!!: Yesterday, TMZ "reported" TONY PARKER had filed for divorce from EVA LONGORIA. Reps for both Tony and Eva say no papers were filed with Tony's rep adding that Tony doesn't even have a divorce lawyer. HOWEVER . . . that doesn't mean there's not trouble in the marriage. A "People" magazine source says Eva IS planning on filing for divorce.

Supposedly she's been, quote, "totally and completely blindsided by reports appearing this week of infidelity" by Tony. Despite all the misreporting and anonymous sourcing, we've still heard nothing official from Eva or Tony.

SO WHO ZOOMED WHO???: No one knows who Parker supposedly hooked it up with ... or if he's even the guilty party, but in 2007 - the same year he married Eva - the website X17 published a bunch of steamy text messages he sent to a model named Alexandra Paressant.
In the accompanying interview, she claimed they exchanged phone numbers at Tony and Eva's wedding (!!!)and hooked it up some time later. She told the website back then, "We lived on room service. He told me Eva won't do certain things sexually. Like she won't make love in front of a mirror, (and that) she doesn't like his favorite positions."

Eva's relationships have been questioned over the years too. Namely her extremely close “friendship” with the (then) single MARIO LOPEZ.
The minute Tony went on the road, Eva and Mario would hang out all the time. (--At the time, he was considered the #1 horn dog in Hollywood) There are literally thousands of pictures of them together all over the 'net. Eva assured Tony they were merely platonic friends, but he's always had a hard time with it.

BRISTOL IN BRANDY OUT: Despite getting the lowest judges' scores the previous night, BRISTOL PALIN made it to the finals on last night's "Dancing With the Stars".
It came down to Bristol and BRANDY, and voters chose to boot Brandy. Brandy was tearful on her exit, and got a hug from host TOM BERGERON instead of a last dance because the show ran long. JENNIFER "BABY" GREY and KYLE MASSEY are in the final three with Palin.

ARE SARAH PALIN SUPPORTERS CHEATING DWTS VOTING SYSTEM?: Conspiracy theorists think they know why Bristol's in the finals: SARAH PALIN supporters are fixing the vote by exploiting ABC's E-mail voting feature. The evidence, they say, comes via message-board comments on conservative sites. Here are some excerpts:

--"Here's a hint: They don't have to be VALID E-mail addresses to register them with ABC.com. I'm voting like a Democrat, all night long."

--"Lord have mercy, I voted for three hours online! I got 300 in."

PINK CONFIRMS SHE'S PREGNANT: In an interview airing today on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", PINK admits she's pregnant. She says, quote, "I'm eating for two these days."
She adds she'd been avoiding the subject because, quote, "I have had a miscarriage before" and that the baby was definitely planned ..."I worked for it. It was not an 'Oops.'"

Pink also tells Ellen the doctor "kind of" told her the sex of the baby. "I'm terrified because she thinks it's a girl. My mom has always wished me a daughter just like me. I'm terrified one of us will go to jail."

IT'S ON!!! JANET vs OPRAH;WHO YOU GOT???: JANET JACKSON was NOT happy that OPRAH WINFREY put her brother MICHAEL'S kids on her show. And now IT'S ON!!! At least that's what the "National Enquirer" says.

Their source says "Janet is furious. She thinks Oprah took advantage of Michael's children for TV ratings." On the day the show was taped, Janet and Oprah supposedly, allegedly had a nasty phone conversation, which ended with Janet screaming, quote, "Oprah, you make me sick!"

But Janet has a plan to get back at Oprah . . . by revealing some incriminating info she's learned from their mutual friend, TYLER PERRY. Says the source, quote, "Janet has let Oprah know that Tyler has been very candid about sharing Oprah's secrets with her . . . and Oprah's definitely got secrets."

WE REPORT YOU DECIDE: LADY ANTEBELLUM'S "Need You Now" is one of the biggest hit songs of the year. But some people think it sounds too similar to a different hit from back in the '80s . . . a song called "Eye in the Sky", by THE ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT. An "Executive Personal Assistant to Alan Parsons" sent a letter to "Nashville Scene" saying that "hundreds of Alan Parson's fans" are saying "Need You Now" is a LAZY RIPOFF of "Eye In The Sky".

I take that to mean Lady Antebellum didn't rip the song off, per se, but when the melody came to them they went with it. Kinda like that whole George Harrison "My Sweet Lord" thing. Google it, kids! There's no talk of a lawsuit yet . . . and as of last night, there was no comment from Lady Antebellum.

Someone put together a mashup of the two songs, and they do seem to blend seamlessly together...

Which leaves me at a crossroads. As a Lady Antebellum fan I can't take this too seriously. But as a long-suffering Alan Parsons fan I'm appalled that anyone would claim there's even a remote similarity to the MUSICAL MASTERPIECE that is "Eye in the Sky".

COVER SHOT: KELLY OSBOURNE, who once declared she was 'not comfortable' being seen in a two piece, on the cover of Shape magazine.
After losing more than 50lbs, it's clear she's made peace with the two piece.

COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP: "Us" magazine is reporting that KATE GOSSELIN "gets incensed when her children don't finish their packed lunches at school." So much so the single mother of eight re-packs the uneaten food for the next day's lunch. A source says, "The kids are stubborn, so sometimes the little kids have the same half-eaten sandwich in their lunch all week."

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