LINDSAY LOHAN SERVED WITH BIZARRE LAWSUIT: TMZ reports that on her way out of court yesterday LINDSAY LOHAN was served with a lawsuit filed by a delusional man who believes she had something to do with Osama bin Laden's death. In the 12-page suit the man claims that through Facebook, Lindsay duped him into believing that she wanted to invest in an internet business he was going to create.

When he pressed her about her true intentions, the dude says he uncovered a conspiracy about the killing of Bin Laden. Oh, he also claims that Lindsay "might be a high-end prostitute", and he's demanding $300,000 for unfair business practices.

Meanwhile ... Linds got another glowing report in court yesterday. Judge Sautner had nothing but good things to say during Lindsay's monthly probation review, and urged her to "keep doing what you're doing."

Lindsay will be back in court February 22nd, at which point she must complete 15 more days of community service and five more therapy sessions. If she keeps it up, she should be finished with probation at the end of March.

But let's get to what you really care about: what she wore to court! E! Online described her black slacks, pale pink jacket, white blouse, and tortoise shell glasses as "court-appropriate attire." Her "startlingly white" hair, however, is still up for debate.

CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE: Meet Ziggy! Ziggy was MILEY CYRUS' gift to her boyfriend for his birthday. Lucky!

BRUCE JENNER DENIES PLASTIC SURGERY ACCUSATIONS: BRUCE JENNER was spotted at the Los Angeles Lakers/Dallas Mavericks game Monday night sporting what appeared to be a scar on the side of his face, leading to speculation that he may have had some more plastic surgery. But sources close to Jenner tell TMZ Bruce went to the doctor to check out a small red mark on his face this past Friday, which was biopsied and determined to be skin cancer. Jenner then had skin in the surrounding area removed.

SNAPSHOT: RIHANNA is still chillin' in Hawaii and toking on the Mary Jane ...

Still not convinced Rihanna's a pot head? A couple of days ago, RiRi posted this picture of the ocean, along with the caption, "Waken...Baken...Good morning."  I assume this is Rihanna's take on the phrase "Wake and bake", which means to get high immediately upon getting up in the morning. Or so I hear. Yeah, that's it. I heard about it once from a friend. No, YOU shutup!!!

COVERSHOT: "Johnny Depp Living Single; Their Separate Lives" Why must the beautiful people suffer so much? Sad-face emoticon.

BABY POOP: 'Grey's Anatomy' star JESSICA CAPSHAW is pregnant again. The actress hit up Twitter 'yesterday to announce that she and her husband are expecting their third child. The couple is already parents to 4 year old and 14 month old.

WATCH - THREE MINUTES OF BRAD PITT LAUGHING: Check out this behind-the-scenes extra from the “Moneyball” Blu-Ray DVD of BRAD PITT  getting the giggles while trying to film a scene opposite JONAH HILL. Towards the end, Pitt is laughting so hard that he cries.