ROMANCE REPORT: I'm not sure if this says anything about the state of their marriage, but DAVID ARQUETTE Tweeted this picture of himself, COURTENEY COX and daughter Coco at Disney World in Orlando this week ...

Courteney recently returned from St. Barts, where she was on a "strictly platonic" vacation with Coco and her "Cougar Town" costar JOSH HOPKINS.

IS BRAD PITT CHEATING WITH HIS CO-STAR???!!!: Is BRAD PITT cheating on ANGELINA JOLIE with his co-star while Angie travels the globe on a humanitarium mission? "Star" magazine seems to think so.

The tab reported Jolie is "desperate to keep Brad away" from his 23-year-old Bella Heathcote, who the tabloid claims is "trying to wedge herself" between the couple. But "US Weekly" is calling them out. Their insider say Brad is NOT breaking himself off one on the side. "Bella has never even met Brad," says their source. "She is in the movie but doesn't have any scenes with him."

CHRIS NOTH AND FRIENDS GET CAUGHT BETWEEN THE MOON AND NEW YORK CITY: Check out what CHRIS NOTH from "Sex and the City" and a couple of his celebrity friends did the other night at a charity fashion show called "Dressed to Kilt" in New York City ...

After strolling down the catwalk, Chris, Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, and Jim Gaffigan decided to moon the crowd!!!

Well, Jim Gaffigan and Kiefer Sutherland WIMPED OUT and didn't join in the mooning.

WHO DAT???: She co-starred with MEL GIBSON at the age of five, and became one of the youngest actors nominated for an Academy Award when she was nine ...

DANCING WITH THER CLOTHES OFF: KARINA SMIRNOFF has posed for Playboy magazine and will appear on the cover of the May issue.

 HEF himself Tweeted the news last night ... 'The May issue of Playboy is unforgettable with Dancing With The Stars’ Karina Smirnoff on the cover & nude inside.'  Well, Grrl does have a rockin' bod ...

SNAPSHOT: ASHLEY JUDD at a book signing in New York City yesterday ...

But what's with the unblended white powder all over her face???!!!

BABY NEWS: TINA FEY is expecting again. During a chat with OPRAH that will air next week, Fey admitted she's five months along with her second child.

2.) Law and Order's MARISKA HARGITAY and her husband have adopted a baby girl, whom they named Amaya Josephine.

Amaya was born last week, somewhere in the United States. They also have a four-year-old son.

WHO DAT???: So do you know who this is?

It's "Little Miss Sunshine" herself, ABIGAIL BRESLIN, now the ripe old age of 14