New parents love to put their little ones in onesies because they are so comfortable, but a new onesie could safe your newborn's life.

The Mimo kimono has a sensor that can monitor your baby's breathing, body temperature, and even the position your little one is sleeping in. If your baby rolls over, his breathing pattern changes, or there is a change in temperature, the sensor sends that information via Bluetooth with data and live audio through the Cloud to your connected smart device. The sensor is shaped like a turtle and the company says it is designed to make sure nothing touches your baby's skin.

Mimo calls their kimono a wearable baby monitor.

The Mimo kimono can even keep track of how your baby’s sleep pattern evolves over time. The kimonos are pricey. They start at $200 for three kimonos and the turtle-shaped sensor, but the peace of mind might make that a bargain for some parents.