A man's foul-mouthed rant directed at a couple of El Paso teenagers who were speaking Spanish has gone viral.

The unidentified man’s expletive-filled tirade was caught on camera by Jose Prieto who, according to his Facebook post, was talking to his friends inside an Applebee's bathroom in West El Paso recently, when the racist dude started going off on them because of the language they were speaking.

Prieto alleges the man called them "Shitty Mexicans" before telling them to "go back to your own country."

After leaving the bathroom and going back to their table, Prieto’s account states the man approached them "and aggressively threw a glass to the floor and said he would beat the shit out of us."

He writes that after that confrontation he called his mom and he and his friends left the business.

The man then followed them into the parking lot and continued his racist rant. The video below captures the threatening actions and verbal attack that followed.

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