Going to the movies used to be the prime opportunity to pull out a big purse or backpack and stuff it full of goodies that you didn't want to pay top dollar for at the movie theater concession stand. All that has changed at one movie theater chain.

Cinemark announced that in the wake of the Florida high school shooting, they are changing their bag policy. You used to be able to bring in whatever sized bag you wanted to, but you will now be restricted as to what size bag you can take into Cinemark theaters.

Earlier this week, Cinemark implemented a new policy that states you can no longer bring in bags or packages larger than 12" x 12" x 6". That's a ruler tall and long, and one 1/2 ruler deep. You will be able to bring in medical bags and diaper bags will still be allowed, but Cinemark says their theater staff members have the right to inspect all bags and packages as customers enter the theater.

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