Halloween is just a few days away, so you're probably going to race to the store to get candy for the little ghosties and goblins, but be careful about the kind of candy you get because you don't want the neighborhood kids talking trash about you on November 1.

1. The Cheapo - If you buy those all-in-one, no-name bags of candy at the dollar store, your neighborhood nickname will be The Crappy Candy Lady. It's not very poetic, but neither is that candy.

2. Uno - No it's not the card game, it's the number of candies you give away per kid. When you drop that solo piece of candy in the trick-or-treater's bags, expect to see epic eyerolls.

3. The Old Guy - If your candy bowl is filled with candy corn, suckers, and bubble gum, no one is going to complain, but they're also not going to be surprised that you are playing the Who at a respectable level on your hi-fi.

4. Bingo - This has nothing to do with a game, it's because you got game. Snickers, Starbursts, M&Ms, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The stars of the candy galaxy are in your Halloween bowl and you give trick-or-treaters the chance to take what they like. Don't be surprised by the lines of beasties looking for goodies showing up at your house, you Halloween legend, you.

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