I know, I know, we just passed Halloween and we are still a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving so why are we talking about going to the mall to get a picture with Santa? Well, because it's never too early to talk about going to the mall to get a picture with Santa. This weekend you can get a jump on those photos at Cielo Vista Mall.

Cielo Vista Mall will be welcoming Santa today at noon and he'll be available for those adorable photos with your kids and family until Christmas Eve. Personally, I remember when my kids were little I couldn't wait to get their photos taken with Santa. I would run them over there as soon as I found out the guy in the red suit was available. To be honest, I wasn't super on top of getting things done I just didn't want to have to try to squeeze in a Santa photo late in the holiday season when everyone was already stressed out.

Christmas stress - busy santa woman


In this age of COVID, there are some protocols that you'll need to follow:

· Reservations are encouraged. Make Santa reservations today by clicking here.

· Families may choose to sit with Santa or maintain social distance.
· Santa’s helpers will wear masks throughout the duration of each visit.

Santa holding magical lights in hands
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The Santa Photo Experience launches on Friday, November 12 and will be open daily. Click on the Santa Photo Experience link for all the dates and times you can see Santa.

Cielo Vista Mall does require masks inside the mall in the common area. Photo staff is required to wear them, but you'll have the option to be socially distanced from Santa or sit on his lap (with or without masks) when taking photos.

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