There is nothing prettier than fireworks. People love to see them and love to shoot them off, but pets are a whole 'nuther story. Some pets hide to get away from the noise and lights of a fireworks display, but some pets run off because they get so scared. If your pet ran away during the Fourth of July festivities, or if they run off at any other time of the year, you should check the Lost & Found Pets of El Paso Facebook page.

The people who post on Lost & Found Pets tend to give a lot of information about the pets they post about. Most of the posts include a couple of pictures and details about where the dog was found, or lost, and how long the poster can keep the animal before they are forced to turn it over to a shelter. There are a lot of heartbreaking stories about abandoned pets and people who are getting ready to take their pet to a shelter because they can no longer take care of them or they are moving out of town. Those posts can take a turn for the worse because of the love of pets that most people display. When a pet is abandoned, the comments section can get a little feisty.

But back to the Fourth of July. Make sure you check with animal shelters around town, especially the Humane Society and the City of El Paso Animal Services Shelter. You can also check out the Animal Rescue League of El Paso's Facebook page.

The best thing to do is make sure your dog is microchipped, registered, and collared with ID tags so that if they do get out, it will be easier for you to be tracked down by authorities and to let authorities know that your pet belongs to you.

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