As the resident KISSFM crazy cat lady, I am all for helping out cats. I also am a UTEP Alumni who only misses the cats and not the college experience.

I remember seeing some adorable black cats hiding under the nursing building and around the library. These babies looked healthy but without anyone to take them to the vet, not sure what they were really going through.

While scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon some way better UTEP students than I ever was. The team behind Miner Pick-Cats work to help these feral cats living around the UTEP Campus.

This organization is always looking for ways to raise funds to help these furry friends. They seem to be just starting out but that doesn't mean they aren't just as important as the other student organizations.

From what I can tell from their Instagram, the team is busy preparing students to treat the UTEP feral cats with respect as they roam around campus.

Something many people do not remember or consider is that cats should not eat human food. Fried foods and bread are easily accessible since most students are buying their lunch from inside vendors on campus. Usually, it is chicken nuggets and pizza, which is a no-no for cats.

Anyone who would like to help feed the cats the proper nutritious foods the cats need to run around UTEP can contact the team behind Miner Pick-Catz. Give them an Instagram follow and if you are in a good place, you can reach out and donate.

I know if they sell shirts with their adorable logo on them, I am here for it!

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