A heartbreaking story is still in need of a happy ending.

Oso, is a massive Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix, white body with gold face and spots that is lost in El Paso, Texas.

Specifically in the Horizon City area.

He is very far from his home. Originally Oso belongs to a couple who moved from Missouri to Washinton. They hired a dog transport company to transport him safely, but with a long drive, Oso bolted once they stopped off at the Love's in Horizon City. He has been missing since July 2nd.

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I currently reside in Horizon City and I have been on the lookout for this good boy but have had no luck.

His story was recently shared on KVIA and has been shared in other numerous local groups. It was time we give him some love on the radio and help return him home.

My dog recently passed away and I will always be heartbroken over my Indy. She was the first dog I owned with my husband and I cherished every day with her. I do not wish that hurt on any pet owner and I hope all the help and hope Oso's family is receiving from fellow El Pasoans is comforting.


So far Oso's family has received updates on Oso spottings in the El Paso Hills neighborhood near Desert Wind Elementary School.

He has also been spotted near the Horizon Golf Course.

Any information on Oso, please contact his owner's through their Facebook page created to help find him, Bring Oso Home.

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