el paso juarez border

Would you give up living in the states for the love of your life, even if it meant living in Juarez?

This is exactly what Emily Bonderer Cruz did. For the last three years she has been blogging about what it’s like to be living in Juarez and being a wife to a Mexican native.

She touches on everything, including how important it was to tell her readers her perspective about the drugs, the violence, and everything in between.

Cruz works in El Paso while her husband works at a maquiladora in Juarez making $40 a week.  

You wonder why someone would leave the United States to live somewhere like Juarez, but the thing is that when they first married, they didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be for her husband to acquire legal residency in the United States. Her husband then had to self-deport to Juarez, his homeland, for at least 10 years and then apply for a waiver in 2020.

So they moved.

Hey sometimes love does conquers all!

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