There are haunted houses that have you feeling like you're really living a true nightmare. Now those are the kind of haunted houses we all love to visit time and time again. Every haunted house has its own unique touch for spooking civilians that wander through.

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Almost everyone in El Paso enjoys the spookiest time of the year. Part of those people loves the month of October solely for the purpose of getting spooked at haunted houses. I remember those eventful times going with a group of friends and fighting over who should lead the group.

Now if you know anyone from the crew working at the KLAQ Haunted Houses of Terror, good luck. Usually, the crew working enjoys spooking special guests they know a little extra. One year that happened to me and a best friend at the time when the haunted house was located off Lee Trevino Dr. years ago.

But I am curious as to which haunted house of the two really has you holler. It certainly helps to have two haunted houses especially if the weather is hectic in El Paso. So the days it rains in El Paso, you have the new location, Haunted Theater located at Sunland Park Mall. The day's El Paso's weather is perfect The Fields Have Eyes at Desert Warriors Paintball gives you a partial outdoor experience.

I am one of those types of people that get spooked very easily especially at haunted houses. I have not been inside any of the haunted houses yet because I need to first know something before I do. I need your opinion on which of the haunted houses of terror is the spookiest before I scope them out.

A few things that scare the hell out of me are clowns, Freddy Kreuger, and the dude chasing you out with a fake chainsaw. But then again those are things others enjoy and get a thrill out of. So if you've visited the KLAQ Haunted Houses of Terror, place your vote on which is the spookiest hands down in the poll below.

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