Flight or Fright?

At the Haunted Hangar you’ll get both. Ghosts, ghouls, and other scary things that go bump in the night have taken up residence in a hangar at the War Eagles Air Museum in Santa Teresa.

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War Eagles Air Museum

War Eagles Air Museum Facebook
War Eagles Air Museum Facebook

War Eagles Air Museum, located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, was founded in 1989.

It features one of the Southwest’s largest collections of beautifully restored historic aircraft from the World War II to Vietnam Conflict eras, along with a large collection of vintage and historic automobiles, motorcycles, and various military and transportation artifacts.

Flight or Fright Haunted Hangar

War Eagles Air Museum Facebook
War Eagles Air Museum Facebook

Every Friday in October, the normally quiet and peaceful aviation museum will transform into a hall of horrors.

There are a lot of haunted houses in and around El Paso, but there’s only one haunted hanger a short drive away. If you're a Halloween enthusiast or just looking for a different twist on a haunted attraction add this event to your must-boo list and prepare to take your spooky season to new heights.

The museums staff and volunteers promise “heart-pounding encounters” as you navigate the dark corridors and come into contact with whatever terrifying fear-come-to-life waits lurking in the shadows

“Don't forget to bring your courage, as you'll need it to survive the Flight or Fright Haunted Hangar!”

When and Where

This hair-raising Halloween experience will be making you scream, laugh, and maybe even wet your parachute pants from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Fridays in October. Tickets are $12 plus fees, and can be purchased online via the event post.

The War Eagles Air Museum is located at 8012 Airport Road in Santa Teresa.

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