I fell in love with Patrick Dempsey when he was a nerd in the 80's movie 'Can't Buy Me Love', and then when he resurfaced in Grey's Anatomy a few years back when he had aged a bit and become McDreamy, but I really, really fell in love when he was in 'Enchanted' with Amy Adams!

Sure, his role in 'Can't Buy Me Love' was super cute, and so was he.  Then there is his comeback role in 'Grey's Anatomy' that made us all swoon all over.  But the befuddled look on his face when he tries to figure out Amy Adams Disney Princess character in 'Enchanted' is just priceless.  I especially love his reaction to her breaking into song and dragging him through New York's Central Park!  Happy Birthday, Patrick Dempsey!  You've always been our love!

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