Today is Diane Lane's birthday, and she's the star of one of the goofiest, most over-blown 80's movies like, EVER!

'Streets of Fire' is the movie, and it's also one of Darren's and my favorite movies, but for totally different reasons.  He digs Diane Lane, and really, in this movie, how can you help it?  Gorgeous body, fabulous hair, and a fabulous singing voice....  Ok, she didn't really sing the songs, but she put on a hella show!  I swoon over Michael Pare!  He was in 'Eddie and the Cruisers', and never really hit it big, but has continued to act.  In 'Streets' he was brooding, and hot as hell, and has that voice that turns my knees to jelly!  He doesn't sing in 'Streets', but he pretends to 'Eddie'!

First up, Diane Lane as Ellen Aim in 'Streets of Fire', and then Michael Pare in 'Eddie and the Cruisers'!

And now, Michael Pare in 'Eddie and the Cruisers'!


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