If you saying to yourself, who the heck is Cameron Crowe, read on my friend, read on....

Cameron Crowe is the guy who brought us such classics as 'Say Anything'

...and 'Almost Famous'

...and 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High'

The inspiration for Ridgemont High was a San Diego high school where Crowe spent a year undercover in San Diego, Clairemont High.

One of the girls he met there became the inspiration for Kate Hudson's character in 'Almost Famous', Penny Lane.

When the kids from Clairemont High Class of 1979 - now grown up and parents themselves - held their 30th reunion in 2009, they had settled down quite a bit!  Although one said that he was disappointed to see that no one was smoking weed, most said that they hoped their kids didn't see 'Fast Times' before they got out of high school so they would follow in their parent's footsteps!

You should read the article to find out how the movie came about, and what those crazy stoners are up to now, and then Netflix 'Fast Times' tonight!

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