Halsey recently released her latest album, Manic to the world and shared a painful experience.

New albums still excite me, as I get to learn more about the artists I adore through each track.

In a world of singles released on digital platforms, I still cherish going through each track on an album, just letting it play through. While doing this with Halsey's latest hit-filled album, once I heard "More" my eyes filled with tears.

"More" according to Insider.com is about Halsey going through a miscarriage. Halsey has spoken out about her reproductive issues to the media before and is one reason I admire her. As someone who has been told they may struggle to have a child, the connection to songs and stories like "More" means the world to me.

Most people know someone who has had a miscarriage.

My mother had a miscarriage.

I've struggled with cysts on my ovaries. I've been told I may have trouble conceiving a child. As I get married this year, I want to start having a family, which is something that I have been constantly thinking and freaking out about.

Hearing my mother's story lead me to a very emotional article featuring one of her coworkers.

El Pasoan Sarah Mena is featured in a powerful New York Times opinion piece, which was published last year. The article highlights the struggle some women face dealing with the aftermath of a miscarriage.

The multiple stories and Halsey's song have really changed my perspective on the beauty of conceiving a child.  All I can hope is that sharing this song with others might help someone feeling the same way. Music is a beautiful form of therapy for me.

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