Halloween and Thanksgiving: They are the two big festive fall days before the Holiday Season.

For some, Halloween is the preferred celebration. It's the one day of the year to dress up as something ghoulish and macabre or sexy and seductive, eat as much candy as humanly possible, and scare others or get the bajesus scared out of you.

Others favor Thanksgiving and the family get-togethers and feasting, the collective giving of thanks, and the pumpkin pies and televised football games that have become a part of it.

But what if you could only keep one? Which would you get rid of?

We recently posed that dilemma to 93.1 KISS-FM listeners on Mike & Tricia Mornings. Below is a sampling of the arguments our listeners and social media followers made as they stated their case.

Joe Hamilton: Halloween..... what kinda question is that? I actually enjoy having a bunch of family all come together to hang out and eat a huge dinner and watch football. Let's not forget the drinking towards the night and the crazy uncles.

Maelena CastroGnzlz: Easy, give up thanksgiving. I can get together anytime, well except for 2020 ugh, and I don’t have to cook!

Jasmin Alvarez: Thanksgiving. not a fan of the food. all I eat is stuffing, and mashed potatoes covered in chile con queso... and I can eat that whenever I want.

Rebecca N Baldo Martinez: Halloween, sadly. I can’t skip my mom’s turkey dinner for anything!!

Erica Contreras: Easy decision here. Get rid of Thanksgiving. Why be stuck all day in the kitchen? Traditions are nice but I rather see the kids dress up and have fun

Rocio Anabel Mendoza: Thanksgiving!! Cuz you can always make a bird! But halloween is the only day dressing up in costume and go ask your neighbors for candy lol!!! HALLOWEEN HAS TO STAY.

Kari Polanco: Halloween! Im never giving up my annual pig out!

Bibi Pro: Thanksgiving . I could totally do without another family gathering during that hectic time of year.

Angelica Garcia Hughes: So long Halloween! It's not a real holiday anyway

Annette Sanders: Thanksgiving. I already married a turkey on Halloween.

Anmarie Vasquez: Halloween because my kids are too old for it and Thanksgiving we can eat more than just candy.

Laura Pinales: My fat ass lives for Thanksgiving

In the end trick-or-treating and wearing costumes lost out to family and football. Fifty-four percent of respondents said they would do away with All Hallows Eve, while 46% would give Thanksgiving the heave-ho.

And then there was this guy. He had other ideas.

Andres Garcia: Neither. Get rid of Mike and Tricia for suggesting it.

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