We are only halfway through August and some of your favorite big box stores are starting to sell some awesome Halloween merchandise. The typical pop-up Halloween stores are just getting their decorations together, so the department stores have to move quickly to have more time to take your money.

I stopped by Michaels, At Home, Ross, and Tuesday Morning to check out their 2019 collection of spooky things, which will end up as year-long home decor. More and more businesses are creating elaborate Halloween decorations just like Christmas for years now. Halloween just might start taking over the decor industry ,so Santa might be replaced with a pumpkin very soon.

Halloween Items 2019

Some personal highlights for this year's Halloween items are a witch hand you can screw into a wall and use as a jewelry hanger, the yoga position skeletons, the skeleton couples perfect for any wedding cake or anniversary gift and the vintage-looking Halloween items. It is still early in the season, so I am so looking forward to more awesome items that are coming the closer we get to Halloween. For now, enjoy this gallery that will make you want to go spooky shopping ASAP:

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