Halloween is right around the corner. And you know what that means: Time to start your Christmas shopping. Ha! Kidding … sort of.

As the spooky season approaches, talk has turned to how to celebrate Halloween in the age of COVID-19. Banning or restricting traditional activities won’t go over well, as Los Angeles County recently found.

So how do 93.1 KISS-FM listeners plan to navigate All Hallows' Eve amid safety concerns, or do they plan to skip it altogether this year? Here a sampling of the responses we received:

E Jasmine Lopez: My kids will dress up and they suggested we can have pinatas full of candy for them to swing at and also hide candy around the yard. Combination of Halloween, Easter and a birthday.

Diana Delira: Not canceling. We will still decorate, dress up, have scary movie marathon, order pizza, buy snacks and candies.

Virginia Jara Alvarez: Get dressed and have the kids go door to door inside the house, lol, it will be fun!

Adri Nieto: My kids will pick their costumes and we’ll have our annual Halloween photoshoot, but we’re staying indoors. It’ll be okay

Alicia Garcia: We've already prepared our 6yr old so she won't expect to go trick or treating. She understands we'll be playing it by ear and most likely won't go out. She is currently coming up with an alternative plan, thinking of movies we could watch, fun snacks and games we can play instead.

Brenda Candia Lucero: I’ll still decorate and let my daughters dress up but we’ll probably make it fun for them by doing like a candy scavenger hunt or something. Maybe watch a movie with some pizza.

How will you be celebrating Halloween this year?

DannyIsabel Morales: We’re planning to have a mask themed party with our immediate family this year.

Norma L. Salas-Pagan: Giving out candy. Most already wearing a mask anyways

Mike Keith Diaz: I’m turning off all my lights and going to sleep like every other year.

Josh Wilson: Same as always, get drunk and answer the door with candy

Ray Ramos: Oh you know the usual...provoking ghosts...summoning a demon thru a Ouija and ending the night in a Satanic orgy.

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