Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber recently reminisced about their first kiss story, which included Hailey sneaking out of her house.

The Biebers held another Facebook live stream on Friday (May 22) where they spoke about their first date and first kiss.

Hailey recalled that they were in New York when she called her parents to ask if she could go out to get sushi with Justin. Her parents said no.

"They were like, 'Absolutely not, you're not going to hang out with Justin by yourself, that's not happening,'" she explained.

Her older sister, Alaia, covered for her and told their parents that Hailey was sleeping over at her apartment for the night. "We went to dinner and didn't get caught," Hailey said. "We were just hanging and we went back to watch a movie and we kissed."

Another fan asked when they knew they were in love. "I think just time being around each other," Justin shared. He explained that he realized "more and more qualities" that he found endearing and liked about his now-wife.

Hailey said that at the beginning of their relationship she never admitted to Justin that she was in love with him.

"I also think I was really stubborn," Hailey admitted. "I would never admit to his face that I was in love with him until it just was obvious."

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