The coronation of King Charles III captured the attention of millions all over the world this past Saturday. Of the hundreds of global leaders in attendance, the internet noticed one that no one was expecting to see...the Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper King Charles
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Grim Reaper at King Charles Coronation

As millions watched the coronation of King Charles this past weekend, a few eagle-eyed observers noticed a dark, cloaked figure carrying a staff walking through the entrance to Westminster Abbey during the ceremony.

Some have begun calling the mysterious figure the "Grim Reaper of Westminster." 

Wryhatnews reports that "Prior to the coronation, a group of witches and pagans announced their plans to perform a ritual for good weather and the new monarch's health during the event, according to The Sun".

The internet immediately began numerous theories as to who, or what the cloaked figure could be.

Could it be a Scottish Freemason? The British monarchy does have a long history with the Scottish Freemasons.

Many people on Twitter pointed out that the Rectified Scottish Rite of Masons wears black hooded robes for some of their ceremonies.

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