Grand Theft Auto (GTA) just hit the shelves some days ago and I hear women complaining about it daily. Is a video game coming in between you and your significant other?

I can partially speak for both sides because I love video games. Don't get me wrong, there is a time for games and time that should be allotted for some "alone couple" time. There are so many forums of question and answer sessions from troubled females and surprisingly a few males. I stumbled upon an extreme case from a Q&A Yahoo session...

"Ok so I got my boyfriend of 1 year and a half GTA 5 a few days ago and its completely ruining our relationship! He is playing all through the night, about 20 hours a day and I hate it. He doesn't work so his job is cleaning and cooking occasionally and I work and cook most days and bring home the money. I've been trying to get his attention but he isn't paying any! He eats his meals I make all in his room on his own like a loner and spends no time with me. One night, I came into our room naked  to try and get him in the mood but he ignored me!! What do I do? He prefers playing a game than having sex and I find it upsetting how I go and work all day and come home, make a meal for us and all he does is plays GTA 5!! I regret ever buying him this game!! He is such a great guy and he's never done me any wrong so breaking up with him is a big no as I do love him but GTA turned him into this jerk! What do I do to stop him from ignoring me?"


First of all, why is this guy not working? Secondly, she is complaining to a media outlet when she should be talking to her addicted boyfriend. And lastly, she should try some reverse psychology and play with him some. Maybe it could be something they can both enjoy but definitely not for 20 hours a day. This guy needs help!

Patty Campos
Patty Campos


GTA sold 500 million copies in the first 24 hours...brace yourself ladies, it's here to stay! Just let him/her know where they stand and set aside some play time. And heck, give it a shot, you may like to play, it's fun! And a word of advice men...pause the game for her, she will love it.

Maybe it isn't the game ruining your are 4 signs for other trouble.


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