Got weeds? Get rid of them or get cited.

As much as we love the much needed rain the monsoon season brings, we’re not the only ones who welcome it – the weeds that literally sprout everywhere overnight love it too. And thanks to all the moisture we’ve had lately, those pesky undesirable plants are going to start multiplying. Therefore, the city wants you to make sure you don’t let your yard get overrun by weeds.

Doing so could result in a fine.

City code says grass and weeds are not allowed to be taller than one foot, although in a TV interview I saw on one of the news stations, the a Code Compliance officer said they aren't just looking at the height; they're looking at how widespread those weeds are too.

If you fail to control the overgrowth and one of your neighbors complains, or the compliance guys driving around take notice, you’ll either be warned, cited, or both. If you don’t comply after that, the city will be happy to send a Clean El Paso crew over and clean it up for you, then send you the bill.

And, FYI, your responsibility doesn't end with your front and back yard. Property owners also have an obligation to take care of unsightly grass and weeds in the area between the curb and sidewalk, as well as the alley way behind your house.

To read up on the compliance codes -- or to rat out one of your neighbors -- hit up the Environmental Services common code violations brochure.

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