October 17th marks the anniversary of Selena Quintanilla's debut album, Selena. In honor of the Tejano legend, Google Doodle has transform the home page of Google into a tribute to one of the continuously influential artists, who left this world too soon.

Selena fans have Perla Campos to thank for this touching tribute, as she pushed for this idea as project manager of doodle. Campos, who is the Global Marketing Lead for Google Doodles, credits Selena for pushing her to be the successful woman she is today. Selena's sister, Suzette helped Campos add ever detail to the animated cartoon, which pays tribute to Selena and her family's journey to fame.

As Suzette worked to help build the Google Doodle, the continued influence of Selena through younger generations really hit her. She told Billboard.com, "It never crossed my mind, to be honest. It just speaks volumes to all the youth that are out there."

You can tell just how influential Selena is to younger generations from her MAC makeup debut. I myself was one of the thousands who waited in line, just to purchase a few products. Growing up, Selena was the perfect role model. She loved Pizza, her laugh was contagious, and she was incredibly talented.

Her movie was on repeat in my house, as my brother and I would quote it. Even though it was Jennifer Lopez playing her, Selena's story was everything to me. I still don't know much Spanish, but Selena helped me realize that's okay. She learned Spanish, she embraced her Mexican-American roots, and became the face of Tejano music. She's the feminist icon I admire and wish was still here. I truly believe this world would be so much more different if Selena was still in the music industry.

We may never get her perfume that was going to smell like chorizo and huevos, but we have her music and story that will continue to influence my future daughter and so many more.

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