Oh, what a terrible week for the beloved toy company, Toys R Us. They have officially announced that they are closing all stores and their founder Charles Lazarus, passed away. It's the death of a childhood memory for many of us. Even the upcoming generations are having their hearts shattered by the sad news of a newly, unemployed giraffe.

Geoffrey the Giraffe is now taking some time to say goodbye to customers and it is actually pretty depressing. In El Paso, the west side Toys R Us team held a farewell to Geoffrey in store event. The team members caught a very heart-wrenching moment between a little girl and Geoffrey during the event. According to truwestelpaso's Instagram, a little girl handed Geoffrey a note that pleaded with him to please keep the store open, she promises to keep coming.

Now as the water begins to spurt our of your tear ducts, I can bet you are thinking back to all the great times you had at Toys R Us. From the endless tantrums that were thrown by generations of kids when they couldn't get every toy they wanted, to the huge smiles that lit up the aisles when the perfect toy was found, Toys R Us was everything to most of our childhoods.

My favorite memory of Toys R Us involves me being one of those kids who instantly fell in love with a toy and was told no. I cried and cried as we picked out toys for my brothers, but was still told no. Finally, I learned the power of tears in a toy store and broke my parents. They finally allowed me to buy my favorite Pokemon at the time, a huge Togepi. I still remember the happiness I felt hugging that fake creature and learning the power of tears. Toys R Us taught me if you want something, crying works as a kid but not as an adult. As an adult, I am the one giving in to the tears and realizing the circle of life.

Thank you Toys R Us, for always being there with the coolest toys for the young and old. Where do we go from here? Online? Apps? No one knows how Toys R Us could reemerge but we do know, the world will never forget all the memories that were created inside a Toys R Us store.

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