El Pasoans know how to treat their farm animals to a tasty dinner. We know most animals aren't allowed in a restaurant unless they are service animals, but no one said anything about them using a drive-thru window!

At one of the many Don Carbon locations in El Paso, the drive-thru staff kindly served a local goat a tasty tortilla. The problem is the goal seems to be in a little mood and didn't want to eat the tortilla at the location and saved it in the bed of the truck for later.

Not sure how far the goat was going to travel around El Paso, but he seems to be happy with the service he received at the Don Carbon drive-thru window. Let's hope this goat tells his friends about this experience and brings the whole farm next time. The staff seems they know how to handle the weirdest of situations. That goat probably acts better than anyone who shows up drunk,

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