Shall we watch a few shows while eating popcorn and drinking some soda!

  1. GLEE -Watching Lea Michele and the late Cory Monteith  Kurt & Blaine onscreen together never gets old!  Watch every incredible performance over and over again.
  2. Teen Wolf- This hit MTV show is full of DRAMA, big twists, and LOTS of eye candy.  Get caught up before the final season premieres in November!
  3. Sons of Anarchy-  For 7 seasons, 'Sons of Anarchy' took fans on an insane RIDE.  Charlie Hunnam's gritty turn as Jax Teller helped make this modern-day version of 'Hamlet' a TV masterpiece.
  4. Catastrophe-  Rob Delaney and Sharon Hogan are absolutely hilarious as 2 adults who find themselves in a new relationship AND expecting a baby.  Expect to laugh out loud constantly at their crude jokes and awkward situations on NETFLIX