El Paso is loaded with haunted hot spots. If you've already experienced them, it's time for you to branch out a little.

If you haven't visited El Paso's haunted places, you totally should. There are several tours around town that will show you the creepiest spots. For more info, click here and here.

If you have already been on the E Paso tours and seek new, spooky thrills try our neighbors New Mexico and Arizona.

The southwest is rich in history, much of which is dark and sordid. If you want spirits, particularly those of peeps that died violently or tragically, you're in the right place.

As for taking your ghost hunt on the road, here are a few spots to visit in our neighbor, New Mexico. We'll start with the states biggest city, Albuquerque.

  • The Kimo Theater, said to be haunted by a little boy killed in a water heater explosion. It is said that performers in the theater who don't leave him a gift, get messed with.
  • The Hotel Andaluz has several ghosts wandering around. The ballroom in particular has a bunch.
  • The churches are even haunted in Albuquerque, one of which is the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Around the state, you can visit Dawson Cemetery in Cimarron which is said to be one of the most haunted places in the state due to hundreds and hundreds of tragic deaths.

There is also the La Posada Hotel in Santa Fe. A city which has been listed as one of the 13 most haunted cities in America.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are zillions of haunted places, spots and sites all over New Mexico.

Ghostly Woman On Drake's Island
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In Arizona, you can visit The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee or you can stop by the Gadsden Hotel in Douglas. There is also the "town too tough to die" ... Tombstone is LOADED with ghosts.

Here are some haunted hot - (no pun intended) - spots around their biggest city; Phoenix.

That should get you going. Happy ghost hunting and safe travels.

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