If you like ghosteses like we like ghosteses, then you need to go check out a ghost walk in the lower valley.

Ghosts915 will be doing a tour of the history of San Elizario, one of the coolest parts of town. You'll be able to see art galleries, the Old El Paso County Jail Museum (aka Billy the Kid jail). You will also be able to actually go inside the Old County Jail, reportedly one of the most haunted spots in the El Paso area.

You should know one thing, however - people who have been on the tour have reported being touched by unseen spirits on this tour. EEEK!!!

The tour will meet at the Golden Eagle Gallery, 1501 Main St, in San Elizario at 9:30 p.m. It's $15 a person, and if you really want to check out some cool, old, haunted places, you want to be on this tour.

Call 915-274-9531 for more information.

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