Thanks to Oasis Hot Tubs, we are bringing you 24/7 commercial-free Christmas Music!

You are given a choice to listen to Christmas music through our very own Christmas player, with just a tap or click.

We don't just jam Christmas music down your throat, we want you to listen to Christmas when you want. Sometimes you need help to get through your workday with Today's Best Mix and sometimes you need to jingle your bells.

During this pandemic, some people have already embraced the holiday season by putting up Christmas lights, or trees months ago. Now, we are in a more Christmas friendly time to start decking the halls and hearing your calls for Christmas music.

You can listen to our Christmas player on, on our FREE 93.1 KISSFM app, in your car, and through your smartphone connected to CarPlay or Andriod Auto.

Even though this year might be pretty different, we still want to give you a chance to embrace the holiday spirit and blast that sweet, sweet Christmas music.

Make sure to stay connected to 93.1 KISSFM through the holiday season as we bring you some great ways to win holiday gifts and upcoming events. We are adjusting with the times, so you never know what will be happening next.

All we know is we need to stay strong and safe as we try to continue our lives through this pandemic. Please El Pasoans, keep the holiday joy alive, while still practicing safe ways to celebrate.

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