You think Halloween is scary? How about facing a legal issue and you don't have the cash to hire a lawyer? That, my friends, is scary.

The legal world is a maze that most of us don't know how to navigate. You might need a contract read so you can understand what you are getting into with someone. Maybe you have a problem with your landlord and you need someone on your side to protect your rights. How about a divorce? How do you go about getting a divorce without simultaneously driving yourself to the poorhouse? Then there's the subject of wills and medical directives. If you don't have things written down and spelled out, you could end up on a machine that is keeping you alive and once you die, your family might be faced with fighting over your stuff or slapped with a huge tax bill because of inheritance taxes.

You need a lawyer, and you can talk to one for free this weekend.

The El Paso Bar Association is hosting their annual Access to Justice Free Legal Clinic. A number of local attorneys and legal organizations will be available to give free advice for any of your legal questions. The event is this Saturday, October 26 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the El Paso Community College Valle Verde Campus. For more information, call (915) 532-7052.

Make sure you bring any pertinent documents that the lawyers might need to see, and be ready with questions that you need answered. It's probably best to write things down so you can make the most use of your time with the lawyer. This really is a great opportunity for you to get some much needed advice that will only cost you your time and effort to get to the Valle Verde Campus.

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