How would you like to have a free tree planted in your yard. You can get one through the Eco El Paso and their Million Trees El Paso program. In case you haven't notice, El Paso is a desert and that means we have hot summers. We are also a major metropolitan area with a lot of concrete and asphalt that help create a heat island effect. Heat islands happen when buildings and pavement make the temperature inside a city area hotter than the rural area that surrounds it. Trees can help lessen the effect of heat islands.

Million Trees El Paso from Eco El Paso wants to plant at least one million new native or drought tolerant trees across our are in the next 10 years. They are working on getting started in underserved communities throughout El Paso to restore the tree canopy cover in our area that will not only help reduce the heat island effect for will make our city look better as well. This video shows their work at Don Haskins Park:

Trees have been planted in the 79905, 79912, 79915, 79925 zip codes, the Paso Del Norte Trails across El Paso, and Eco El Paso is even partnering with the Parks Department in El Paso to plant trees. The best thing about Eco El Paso is that they are using trees that are designed to be grown in our area. Homeowners who get trees planted by Eco El Paso will be responsible for maintaining the trees.

There is nothing like a tree in your yard. The shade they provide is invaluable during the summer and there is nothing prettier than a tree in a neighborhood. If you would like to talk to Eco El Paso about getting trees planted in your neighborhood click on their website.

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