George Lopez Meet N Greet

George Lopez put on an AMAZING show on December 1st at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. He didn't perform just one show, he did TWO amazing shows that delighted El Pasoans. A huge thank you to El Paso for selling out the first show and for showing up with just as much enthusiasm for the 10:00 p.m. show.

With some much controversy surrounding the building the wall conversation, it is a perfect time for George Lopez to come to visit the borderland. He left the audience with some things to think about and some aching bellies from how much they were laughing. Again, thank you so much for everyone who attended the George Lopez performances and had the chance to meet them.

Everyone was so kind and courteous to Mr. George Lopez. The meet and greet was very easy and quick so everyone was able to have their time with Mr. Lopez. Check out the lucky few who were able to meet the legend that is George Lopez.

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