Mother’s Day will be here this weekend so here’s a fun and creative list of ways to celebrate Mom whether near or far during the COVID 19 pandemic.

It’s important that we take precautions when celebrating mom this year especially if mom does not live with you and you have been physically staying away due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

So here are a few ideas to celebrate Mom's big day whether you are in the same household or not.

If Mom currently resides with you:

  • The now popular drive-by celebration works wonders and is sure to surprise mom
  • Surprise her with breakfast in bed
  • Write out sidewalk chalk messages of love for mom and when you both go for a walk she’ll be so surprised
  • Celebrate by ordering her favorite take-out or, cook up her favorite meal
  • Break out with the family photos and reminisce about the good old days
  • Clean the house – mom will definitely love this
  • Take mom for a drive around town
  • Host a Zoom session with family and celebrate virtually

If you don’t live with Mom:

  • That drive-by celebration works in this case too and gives family and friends a chance to celebrate together yet apart
  • Hosting a Zoom session with the family to celebrate virtually also works in this instance
  • Send mom a surprise lunch or dinner from her favorite restaurant – bonus if you include a wine bottle
  • Drop a care package at her door and then call her from your car and watch her open it while talking on the phone
  • If you live in another city you can always send mom flowers to brighten her day
  • And last but not least – Call your mom no matter where in the world you are

in whatever manner you decide to celebrate Mom – just keep in mind that during these difficult times it’s so much more important to reach out to our loved ones even though we must remain apart for the health and safety of all by staying connected in new and creative ways.


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