Ghosts, goblins and ghouls! Get ready for your Halloween bash and make it memorable!

I love Halloween parties! Getting to dress up as someone else is so fun! Decorating for your party can be just as fun!

Patty Campos
Patty Campos
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    Glow Sticks

    Glow sticks can make any party even more fun with a glow! Place a glow stick at the bottom of an ice chest for a lighting affect every time you open the cooler! Or throw one into your punch bowl!

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    Latex Gloves

    These bad boys have multiple uses. Fill up a couple with water and freeze. Throw them into your punch bowl and let the hand cool your beverage! They can even be filled up with candy and given out as party favors! Let them lend a "hand" in your Halloween fun!

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    Fake Blood

    This one is for the bathroom. Buy a cheap shower curtain and splatter it with fake blood! (Outside of course) then after it dries take a knife and make some horror movie slashes in it! Hang it and voila! a make shift murder scene! Write on the mirrors and hand prints make for extra affect!

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    Milk Gallons

    Decorated Gallons of milk to look like ghosts, and place inside Christmas lights! These are great garden liners or walkway lights!

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    Pumpkins can be used everywhere! and a little tip, when carving the pumpkin save the inside and use it as pumpkin spew! Makes it funny!

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