Due to the coronavirus, El Pasoans won’t be able to do these things for a while – not only because we are still under the city’s emergency ordinance until June 10th but because we are a rowdy bunch.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all our lives and while many cities are opening up slowly certain activities will be completely off-limits for a while, especially for El Pasoans.

Festivals and Concerts

I’m talking to myself on this one. Festivals and concerts are akin to family fiestas around here. The summer norm around these parts includes free outdoor music series’ from Cool Canyon Nights, Alfresco! Fridays, the State Line Music Series, and many more but thanks to the coronavirus we won’t be gathering anytime soon. El Pasoans love to gather to sing, dance, and have a party any chance they get but for now, we are still grounded.


Have you ever been to an El Paso wedding? These parties are legit – surrounded by not just family but extended family and friends, El Paso weddings can swell fast and usually last until the wee hours of the morning where only the strongest endure to meet up at a chosen household to end the festivities with a large batch of Menudo and red beer, for the cruda.

Parties and Bars

El Paso loves its nightlife. El Pasoans do love frequenting their usual watering holes – but thanks to the coronavirus we are far from hanging out for a happy hour or for any party. Once alcohol is involved you can throw caution to the wind. We are notorious huggers, loud talkers, and love to get up close to everyone at the bar or party. Needless to say, I can see why bars will be the last to open even though we could all use a proper drink right about now.


Just like many folks across the country mourning their loved ones from afar is proving extremely difficult. El Pasoans tend to gather en masse – just look at the turn out for Antonio Bascoto’s wife's services (the victim of the Walmart shooting). Hundreds of people turned up after Mr. Bascoto invited the public to attend since they didn’t have any family in town. Funerals are a terribly sad part of life and El Pasoans don’t shy away from giving their loved ones a proper send-off, not to mention once you throw alcohol in the mix we go from mourning to a full-on party, regaling stories of our loved ones.

El Pasoans are not the only ones who are suffering from the COVID 19 pandemic. We are a lively bunch who revel in our customs, traditions, who enjoy gathering and celebrating life from events and concerts to large weddings. Unfortunately, these are the things the coronavirus has made impossible for anyone to do during this time all across the world. Even though this is the stark reality – we must continue to take caution to avoid transmitting the virus so that once this is over we can have the biggest 915 party ever to celebrate not just our community but humanity at large.


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