WOOHOOOOO!  There is only one thing better than Starbucks coffee, and that's FREE Starbucks coffee!


You know I dig me the coffee, and you know I dig me the Starbucks because I go every Friday down the street to Mesa and Kerbey to grab a couple cups for me and the Big Guy.  And last Friday, I saw something that made me love Starbucks even more!

To help welcome teachers back to school on this first day of school, El Paso area Starbucks are offering free Tall brewed coffee or Tall teas for teachers!

Woohoo!  A free hit of caffeine BEFORE you have to deal with all the little beasties and their kids!  HA! See what I did there?  I called the parents the little beasties!

Ok, ok, I know it's too early in the morning for that kind of silliness, so here are the deets on the free 'Bucks:

You can get your free Tall brewed coffee or Tall tea today at any area Starbucks until 10am.  You'll need to present your teacher's badge before you can get that delicious Starbucks, and there is a limit one to a customer, so don't walk in and try to get the whole staff taken care of!  Let them go and get their own!

Don't miss out on your free Starbucks, because tomorrow you're going to have to face this:


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