Former UTEP linebacker Kalaii Griffin has an opportunity of a lifetime this Friday when he represents his company, ShredSkinz, on the popular Shark Tank television show, debuting at 6 pm MST on ABC.

Upon graduation from UTEP, Griffin started ShredSkinz in 2020 with a goal to help reduce weight loss and calories. The ShredSkinz suit is a recyclable sauna suit and sweating increases when you work out wearing it. This suit is made from eco friendly material, it is sensitive skin friendly and it comes in multiple colors like black, green, and pink.

Now, the Springfield, Massachusetts native is prepared to ask "the sharks" to help take his business to another level.

“This opportunity fills my heart with so many emotions," Griffin told 600 ESPN El Paso. "Although I was unable to experience being drafted to the NFL, for me, this feels equivalent. I strive to be an example for all athletes that struggle with adjusting to life after sports. I want to show them that we as athletes, possess all the necessary skills to become great entrepreneurs. Leadership, time management, work ethic and self-discipline to name a few. I want to tell every athlete that they can be just as successful outside of sports.”
As a linebacker at UTEP from 2017-19, Griffin racked up 45 total tackles, 5.0 tackles for loss and a forced fumble during his college career. Instead of going the professional athlete route, he dedicated his career to growing his business. He is currently based in Austin and started the company in Dallas, Texas.
Once he launched ShredSkinz in 2020, his first batch sold out in less than a week using mostly social media marketing. A year after launching, the sauna suit became viral on social media platforms like TikTok, with nearly 100 million views garnered through workout videos that were posted. He has previously worked with professional athletes to endorse the sauna suit.

Episode eight of Shark Tank with Griffin and ShredSkinz season 14 will air on Friday, December 2, at 6 pm MST on ABC. The episode will be made available on the ABC network's website and Hulu streaming application one day after the television premiere.

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