A former El Pasoan's life long dream of one day playing on stage with U2 finally became reality following years of trying.

After attending more than a dozen of the band's concerts over the years and hoping to one day climb on stage with his favorite band, Marc Trevino got his chance Friday night in Phoenix. It happened after Bono made the unexpected decision to perform ‘In God’s Country’ and guitarist The Edge couldn't remember the chords.

Bono solicited for an audience member to help them out but the guy he originally chose didn't know how to play guitar. “I’m like two to three spots over from him and...it was clear I could play guitar," Marc explained to ABC7 in a phone interview. "I had a guitar pick in one hand and my phone in the other.” Trevino made the most of his short time on stage, strumming along on acoustic guitar and even sharing the mic with Bono for a couple of verses.

The 41-year-old currently resides in Denver but lived in El Paso from the time he was 2 until he was 18.

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