A travel website has determined the Thanksgiving foods Americans dislike the most – and the results surprised me.

While many people look forward to turkey on Thanksgiving, a new poll finds there’s a huge number of us out there giving the traditional Turkey Day bird the bird.

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Nearly 29% of those surveyed said they dislike turkey, while almost 30% said they don’t care for cranberry sauce making those the top 2 least favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Yams, Green Bean Casserole, stuffing, coleslaw, ham, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese round out the Top 10.

Even more surprising for me than turkey ranking so high on the dislike list was the inclusion of coleslaw. I’m not surprised so many people dislike it, I’m surprised it was even on the list at all. When I think ‘Thanksgiving foods’ coleslaw has never crossed my mind.

El Pasoans Share Their Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Day Foods


We asked El Pasoans  what was going to be on their Turkey Day menu that’s not considered the norm for the holiday and it turns out many of us will be over-eating some type of non-traditional food at their Thanksgiving family feast.

Chile con queso and tamales get a lot of holiday love around here, as you’d expect. Probably not that surprising in El Paso or Texas, but not traditional.

Instead of gravy we use Mexican mole sauce. I serve it in a gravy bowl and we pour it over the turkey breast instead of gravy.

Marisela Cazares
My mom always makes her famous cornbread casserole. It’s so yummy.

Chamorros de Puerco

We always have "jalapeños toreados" at our Thanksgiving dinner. We have to have some kind of spicy food with any meal lol

Mexican spaghetti…sooo good!

Thanksgiving dinner is really all about the side dishes, anyway.

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