We have a good feeling that Flo Rida didn’t like how this went down. TMZ is reporting that a Florida judge has ordered the Miami rapper to pay $7,000 in attorney fees for his former assistant after he lied to the court.

Flo Rida is locked in a court battle with Mahogany Miller, who is suing him for lost wages. Miller claims that she was being paid below minimum wage ($3.08 an hour) as his assistant and when she complained about it she was fired.

Flo Rida contends that Miller was only an intern and was let go because of her inappropriate behavior in the workplace. “This is ridiculous that I gave someone an opportunity out of the goodness of my heart and now sadly I am being falsely targeted,” said Flo Rida about her lawsuit in February 2012.

During a recent hearing, a judge caught Flo Rida in a fib when he testified that he didn’t respond to the lawsuit in time because the paperwork was delivered to the wrong address of a female acquaintance named Stephany Nelson, whom he didn’t know. He later recanted his story and admitted that the address was correct and Nelson works for him.

So for being deceptive, the judge ordered Flo Rida to pay Miller $7,000 to cover her legal costs.

The case is still pending.

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