Thank you, Flix Brewhouse for finally announcing your big opening day for your El Paso location. On Thursday, September 5th, Flix's doors will open and welcome probably hundreds of El Pasoans who have longed for this day to become reality. We have been playing some Twitter tag for months trying to figure out the date, so now we can finally relax.

Flix Brewhouse is another great entertainment venue to have in El Paso not only due to the mass amount of film lovers in our area but because El Pasoans love beer. This unique brewhouse is bringing you some tasty beverages that they like to call magic, according to their website description," (Flix Brewhouse) is brewing stellar beer almost every day, putting their own twist on malt, hops and yeast to mastermind Flix’s award-winning brews. We’re fortunate to have some of the most skilled brewers in the country who recognize and understand our particular brand of magic." The beer menu is already up on their website but we are still going to have to wait for the food menu, which I am guessing will go up on opening day.

El Pasoans can purchase tickets right now to their opening weekend, which is being featured with the big IT: Chapter 2 release. That is a great movie to tie your big opening day with, in my opinion. Please make Pennywise a guest for opening day or you are really missing an opportunity here, Flix Brewhouse. See you at the movies!

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