1983 - I was a junior at Burges, wore entirely too much eye makeup, teased my bangs like crazy, and suddenly discovered leg warmers and torn sweatshirts after 'Flashdance' rocked my world!

Only in the 80's could a movie make you want to be a welder-by-day/stripper-by-night!  You know the story - beautiful Alex works as a welder for rich, handsome Nick who, of course, falls for her even though she is totally 'street', and he is totally 'not street'.

After 'Flashdance', we wear all wearing Alex-type outfits and trying to get permed hair like hers - it was really, really bad, and so much fun!  In honor of the 30th anniversary of 'Flashdance', here is one of my fave scenes.  Check out the look on the lunch truck lady's face - priceless!  But I do think Alex gave in too easily to Nick....


'Flashdance' - What a feeling!