El Paso is heating up like crazy! Break out the sunblock, drink TONS of water and make sure you stay cool whether you are outside or inside. Where ever you live in El Paso, you can find a sure way to cool down.

  • ziggymaj

    Splash Parks and Public Pools

    The city has spent a good amount of money to bring pools and splash parks to our area. We must use them. Now, we know we aren't pulling your arm to go since I always see tons of people having fun out there on social media. Make plans to cool down with the family at your nearest splash park or pool. For those of you with pools, I am jealous of you!

  • monkeybusinessimages

    Go Out to the Movies

    Maybe you don't have the best A/C unit. You know who probably does? Movie theatres! They are always so cold. I still have to take sweaters into some theaters during winter but now, I appreciate those cold two hours of a movie. Some local theatres are even offering $1 movies for kiddos, so take advantage of those fancy refrigerated air theatres.

  • CharlieAJA

    Buy Packs of Ice Pops/Bolis

    Enjoying the delicious cool ice pops you see stacked in the middle of stores, is a for sure way to cool down your insides. My father has always pulled out a whole pack of those Otter Pops or whatever brand and ate them one by one. He would be working all day in the hot sun, fixing cars or something, then sit down with at least 8 pops, stacked in front of him. My brothers and I follow that idea now too, but sometimes it is just too hot you have to keep those pops connected and just cut all the tops and eat 8 at once!

  • Digital Vision.
    Digital Vision.

    Sit in a Kiddie Pool with a Hose

    For those looking to stay home but enjoy a pool day, go back to the good ol' days of using the water hose inside the kiddie pool. Yes, the amazing water hose! It might cause your water bill to go up but you will stay cool. No need for judgment as you enjoy the cool relief of good ol' hose water.

  • VibeImages

    Pour Ice Cubes Down Your Pants

    Don't knock it till you try it.

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